Getting started with Freshcaller

An admin’s guide 

CONTENTS Introduction 

Note to the Admin 

Account activation and login 

Activation email 

Logging in 

Adding credits 


Setting up your call center block by block 

Buying and managing numbers 

Managing agents and their roles 

Setting up teams 

Configuring business hours 

Managing messages 

Setting up your operations 


Call Flows 

Setting up a call queue 

Setting up an IVR menu (phone tree) 

Configuring call center rules

Monitoring agents & calls through Live Dashboard 40 

Freshcaller helps you easily manage all your call center operations  from a single screen. We are a nimble cloud-hosted call center  software that eliminates all the snags of setting up and using  clunky hardware for handling your calls. 

Simple and quick to onboard 

Easily customizable 

Intuitive call center metrics 

Real-time call center insights 

Multi-level access 


Note to the Admin

As a Freshcaller Admin, you’ll have access to power features like Live  Dashboard and the Admin panel. This guide will tell you how to access  and use them. 

Note: If you’re an Account Admin you’ll have additional access to billing  information and phone credit balance.  

A Freshcaller account can have multiple Admins and Account Admins. 


What are the different levels of access in Freshcaller? A Freshcaller user can be: 

An Account Admin 

An Admin 

A Supervisor, or 

An Agent 


How can I find out if I have Admin access? 

If you have Admin access you will be able to view the the Admin icon on  the sidebar at the left. 

Admin Setting 

Can I add phone credits to my account? 

If you are an Account Admin you can check your phone credit balance  and add credits to your Freshcaller account. 


How do I know if I’m an Account Admin? 

If you signed up and created a brand new Freshcaller account, you’ll be  an Account Admin by default.  

If you were added as an Account Admin to an existing account, you can  look for the Billing tab on the Admin panel. This option is not displayed  to any other roles including Admins. You will also be receiving invoices  from Freshcaller. 

Only an Account Admin can  

access the Billing tab. 


Account activation & login 

Activation email 

Logging in 

Adding credits

Activation email 

You’ll receive an activation email from us once you sign up with Fresh caller or if you get added as an Admin of an existing account. Click on the  activation URL provided in the email to activate your account. 

This will take you to the login screen where you can enter your email id,  and set a password for your account. 

Note: As mentioned earlier, if you are the first person to sign up  and create the account, you are an Account Admin by default. 


Logging in  

On successfully logging in, you are directed to the home screen of your  Freshcaller account. 


Adding credits  

(only for Account Admins) 

If you are on trial, you have to add credits to 

Buy numbers  

Make calls 

To check your credit balance, click on the Add Credit Card Details button after you get started. 


You’ll be taken to the billing page of your account. Right on top of the  page, you can find your credit balance.  

Alternatively, you can click on the Billing tab in your Admin panel. 

In case you do not want to add your credit card to your account, send an  email stating the same to 

Check your current credit  

balance from here. 

Recharge your account by  

adding your credit card. 


Setting up your call center  block by block 

Buying and managing numbers 

Managing agents and their roles 

Setting up teams 

Configuring business hours 

Managing messages

Buying and managing numbers 

Using your phone credits, you can buy numbers, make and receive calls,  and much more. What’s more, you can buy local numbers in 50+ coun tries. 

To port your existing numbers into the Freshcaller account, contact 

To buy a number, go to your Admin settings > Numbers > Buy New  Number. 

Click this button to buy a  

new number. 


You can choose any number that suits your geography or business  requirement. 

Choose a number from a  

specific country, state, or  

with preferred digits here.  

The cost of the selected  

number can be viewed here. 

Click on the Buy button to  

purchase the number. 

On choosing a number, you’ll be able to see its cost. To confirm your  purchase, click Buy. 

Reconfirm your choice by  

clicking on the Buy button. 


Note: Certain numbers might ask for an address before you  can buy them. Make sure that you enter a valid address for a  successful purchase. 

Once the number is purchased, it gets listed alongside your other  purchased numbers. 

Edit or delete the  

number from here. 

If you want to give a name to your number, use the Edit icon and custom ize the properties of your number. 

Edit the properties of your  

number from here. 


The customizable properties of a number are: 

Call recording: From the Record Type dropdown you can choose to 

Record all calls 

Record incoming/outgoing calls 

Record manually (recommended if your call center needs to  be GDPR compliant

Custom hold message: Hold messages are played when an agent puts a  caller on hold. You can select your hold message from the existing list of  messages in the Custom Hold Message dropdown. Or, add a new  message right there, without going to the Messages tab. 

Accessibility: Choose which teams have access to this number. 

Call masking: You can mask your helpline number to look like a personal  number by enabling the toggle for call masking. You can also buy a local  number and use this option to mask your call center number to establish  a more local presence. 

Note: Check out our call and number charges here. 


Managing agents and their roles 

As a Freshcaller Admin, you can add new agents and also assign them  roles to manage their levels of access. 

To add new agents to your account, go to the Agents section in the  Admin panel. Use the New Agent button to add your agents. 

Invite all your call center agents  

to your Freshcaller account. 

In the overlay that opens up, enter the email address of your agent and  assign the appropriate role — Agent, Supervisor or another Admin.  

Provide a unique email address of  

your agent to add them successfully  

to your account.  


Once you add an agent, you can choose to 

Resend an activation email to the added agent 

Edit their role 

Remove them from the system 

Resend an activation email  to onboard your agents. 

Note: A deleted agent can be restored if needed from your  account. 


Setting up teams 

You can group your agents into different teams. This comes in handy  when you have multiple functions using the same number, and also while  setting up call flows. 

To create separate teams, go to the Teams section in the Admin Settings.  Use the New Team button to create a team and add agents to it. 

Add your team  

using this option. 

Once you click on the ‘Agents’ dropdown, all your agents will be listed for  you to choose from. Every chosen agent has a tick against their name.  You can add multiple agents at one go. 

Choose from the list of  

saved agents and create  

different teams. 


After choosing the agents for the new team, click the Add Team button. 

Add your team and get them  

started by clicking here. 

The added team gets listed under saved teams showing the name and  strength of the team upfront. 

Saved teams get listed here with  

the number of agents per team. 


Configuring business hours 

Your business might be functioning only during a certain part of the day.  Manage your calls optimally by choosing when you want to receive calls.  

Your call center may also be working across different time zones or your  teams might be working in different shifts. On Freshcaller, you can define  your various working hours or shifts in the time zone of your preference. 

You can set the business hours for your phone numbers using the Admin  Settings > Business Hours > New Business Hours 

Set the business hours of your  

call center from here. 

To add new business hours, click the ‘+’ icon and give a name, choose a  time zone and define the specifics like the days of the week and the start  and end time for a day for your business. 

Set the business hours for each  

day of the week using the New  

Schedule option. 


Once you are done setting the business hours, click Add Business Hours  button to save your changes. 

All your saved business hours  

are listed here. 

Note: By setting business hours for different teams and numbers, you can  make sure that every call that comes outside these hours can be routed  to your voicemail or another team that’s available at that time of the day.  


Managing messages 

The moment a customer calls your business, you can choose the  message that they’ll be welcomed with, or the subsequent messages  that’ll guide them to connect with the right agent. 

To customize your messages, go to Admin Settings > Messages > New  Message.  

Add more messages or edit the  

default ones from here. 

Note: By default, you’ll find hang-up, voicemail and welcome  messages in your account. You can customize them according  to your business needs. 


To add a new message click on the + icon present against the New  Message button. 

Choose the message to be added  

and also name the message. 

Type in the name of the message and add your message.  

You can add your message in three ways: 

Record a custom message (up to 5 minutes) 

Click on record to start recording  

your message via your computer’s  



Upload a pre-recorded message (mp3 file less than 5 MB) 

Upload the audio file using this  


Convert your text message to speech (you can choose between  a male or female voice) 

Add the text to be converted to  

your audio message. 


Save the new message by clicking the Add Message button. You can  instantly play the message from the saved list. 

Listen to individual messages  

from here. 


Setting up your call center  operations 

Setting up call flows (Queues and IVR) Configuring rules

Call flows 

Call flows are key to ensuring that your customers are attended to from  the minute they make a call to you to the time they hang up.  

You can put to use all the customizations you’ve made so far (teams,  business hours, messages, etc.) to design foolproof call flows. 

To set up a call flow, go to Admin Settings > Call Flows > New Call Flow 

Note: By default, a sample Global Queue is already created for  you. You can either edit it or add new call flows as per your  requirement. 

Click this button to add a  

new call flow. 


There are two important elements to setting up a call flow inside  Freshcaller. 

Call queues 


Choose to configure an IVR  

menu or go for a call queue. 


Call flows: Setting up call queues 

Call queues are the routing rules for handling incoming calls. Use call  queues to customize welcome messages, ringing rules, teams/agents  handling the calls as well as call escalations. 

Edit the name of the call  

queue from here. 

You can specify the name of your call queue, For e.g. US sales queue.  Then choose the first message that the customer needs to hear. You can  add a new message from here too. 

Add a new message without  

switching to the message tab. 


Now choose the team of agents who need to attend the calls in this  queue. 

Choose the agent, team or an  

unsaved number to which the  

calls need to be directed 

Note: You can add an external number by typing it in the search  bar. 

Once you’ve defined both these fields, you can prioritize the routing  based on the agent’s availability. 

Choose the agent(s) who need to  

receive the calls based on their  



If the agent is busy, you can place callers in a queue of a desired size  (typically <20). 

Enable the toggle that says Place Caller in Queue (in case you don't want  your callers to wait, you can keep this turned off). 

Enable the toggle if you want to  

place your callers in queue when  

your agents are busy. 

If the queue exceeds the maximum size you allow, you can route callers  to voicemail, another call queue, or hang up. 


Similarly, you can play a wait message while callers are waiting in queue.  Choose a message to be played from your repository of messages in  Freshcaller. 

Once you’ve defined all the required fields, save the call queue. 


Call flows: Setting up an IVR menu 

Phone trees or IVR menus help you provide quick and seamless call  resolution to your customers by routing their call to the most relevant  team. 

You can start with giving your IVR menu a name to easily identify it. 

You can edit the name of the IVR  

from here. 


Then choose a message or add a new one with which your caller needs to  be welcomed. 

Add a new message without  

switching to the message screen. 

Now choose the keypress number and the corresponding action that  needs to take place. 

For e.g. Let’s say, it’s a simple IVR menu that asks the customer to pick  between Sales and Support. To ask them to press 1 for Support and 2 for  Sales, configure accordingly. 

Choose a keypress number to  

pair with an action. 


The various options available for a keypress are 

Routing to another IVR menu 

Connecting to a call queue 

Sending the call to voicemail 

Hanging up 

For every keypress choose an  

appropriate action. 

Let’s say you are choosing to direct the call to a call queue if the caller  presses 1. Then, the next step is to choose a call queue from the list of  saved ones. 

On pressing 1, the call is routed  

to the US support team. 


Finally, you can set the maximum number of times the IVR menu can be  repeated for a given call and a suitable action in case of an invalid input  from the caller.  

Once the IVR menu is repeated  

the set number of times, you can  

choose to hang up the call. 


Configuring call center rules 

To make sure all calls made to you are answered, every purchased phone  number can be associated with a set of actions by defining the rules for  that number. 

To set a specific rule for a number, go to Admin Settings > Rules > New  Rule. 

Use this button to associate a  

rule to a phone number. 

Note: By default, a rule that associates a number to the Global  queue is available. You can edit the rule using the Edit option and  add the number of your choice to this rule or add a new rule  



On clicking the New Rule button, a section asking for the phone number,  the business hours associated to the number and the action that needs  to follow for every call made to the number comes up. 

The actions available to you are:  

Send the caller to a call queue 

Present an IVR menu 

Send the call to voicemail 

Hang up 

Choose a way to direct calls  

made to a given number 


Choose the desired action. For e.g. if you want the call to go to a call  queue, choose from the list of saved queues or add a new one right  there. 

Finally, save the changes and start using the number. 

Click on this button to save the  

new rule.  


Monitoring agents & calls  through Live Dashboard

The Live Dashboard in Freshcaller gives you a real-time overview of your  whole call center in a single glance. It shows you the following details: 

In Queue: Visibility into call queues  

In Conversation: Ongoing conversations between agents and  customers 

Agents: Agent availability status and their last activity  information 

It also shows you the count of all calls, missed calls and voicemails for  the selected duration. 

The callers currently waiting in  queue get listed here. 

View all agents and their  current availability. 

All ongoing calls with the basic  call details are listed here. 


Once you click the Live Dashboard icon on the sidebar, you can choose to  monitor a specific queue or all queues from the Select Queues drop down. 

Choose the specific queue that  

you want to monitor using this  


Use the Stats dropdown to choose if you want the dashboard to view the  total calls, missed calls and voicemails for the current day or the only  previous hour. 

You can either choose to see the call  

count for the entire day or the  

previous hour from here. 


These are the basic set of configurations that are available to you as an  Admin.  

Once you configure your call center you can make the best use of Fresh caller capabilities and help your team of call center agents work with  ease. 

We are always around to help you with any further questions about  Freshcaller. Do send your queries to 



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