Getting started with 

Freshcaller in Freshdesk An agent’s guide


Getting Started 



Understanding the Freshcaller Widget 



Making or Receiving Calls 



Basic Functions in the Freshcaller Widget  



Converting your Calls to Tickets  



Exploring the Freshcaller Interface 



Accessing Integrated Marketplace Apps 



Freshcaller is a modern-day reimagining of our everyday phone system  for customer support teams. With its cloud-based architecture,  Freshcaller brings together the best of legacy features like IVR and  advanced capabilities like Smart Escalations to help you provide  excellent customer experience. 

Simple and quick to onboard 

Easily customizable 

Intuitive call center metrics 

Real-time call center insights 

Contextual conversations 


Getting Started 

As a Freshdesk agent, you can easily access the Freshcaller widget  from within your Freshdesk account.

#1 Log In 

Once your manager adds you as a Freshcaller agent to the Freshdesk  account, you can start using Freshcaller to make and receive calls. Log in to your Freshdesk account using the Freshdesk email address and  password. 

 Click here to login 

You can use your Freshdesk login credentials to log in to both  your Freshcaller and Freshdesk accounts. 


#2 Click on the call icon 

A successful login takes you to your Freshdesk account. 

Go to the bottom left corner of your screen and click on the Freshcaller  call icon. 

Click the call icon to open  

the Freshcaller widget to  

make and recieve calls. 

From now, you can manage all your calls from here. 


Understanding The  Freshcaller Widget 

The Freshcaller widget provides all the required options that help  you make/receive call without leaving your freshdesk account.


#3 Know your Freshcaller widget 

When you click on the call icon, the widget expands to show you the  recent calls, your current number in use and other functionalities. 

Freshcaller widget inside  

your Freshdesk account 

With this widget, you can now handle calls without having to move to a  new tab. 


#4 Set your availability 

Sometimes, when you travel or have other emergencies, you may be  unavailable to take calls. In such situations, you can set your most  convenient availability status. This helps in routing calls to other  available agents. 

Click this status button  

to set your availability  

You can see your current status on the top-right corner of the widget. To  change your status, click on the status icon and select the required  status. You can also choose to forward the calls to your mobile phone. 

To update your mobile number, click on your profile picture and  go to your profile settings. 


#5 Choose your phone number 

You can choose a preferred number from the list of Freshcaller numbers  available to you. 

The phone number displayed on the top left corner of the widget  indicates the current number in use 

To change the number, click on the arrow and select the  preferred number from the list 

Choose from the list of  

numbers available to  

make calls. 

These numbers are added to your account by your Admin. If you  want to use a different number, contact your admin. 


Making/Receiving Calls 

Before you make the first call, test your connection and make sure  to grant access to your browser to use your computer’s  microphone.

#1 Search for a contact 

You can search for a contact in two ways: 

Search bar: Enter the contact name or phone number in the  search bar. If you search for a saved contact, the name gets listed  automatically. 

Dialer: Click on the dialer available at the bottom of the widget  and enter the number you want to search. 

Search for your contact  

with contact name or  

phone number.  

You can also use  

the dialer. 


#2 View your recent calls 

The Recent calls section displays the list of recent calls made. This can  also include the missed calls. To redial a number, hover over the number  and click on the call icon visible next to the number. 

Click the dropdown and  

select Recent calls. 

This list of Recent calls help  

you view the agents who last  

spoke to the caller. 


#3 Make a call 

To dial a number, you can either use the call icon present in the search  bar or the search result. 

Click on any of the call icons  

to make a call. 

You can see the status of your call connection in the widget. 

Trying to connect you with  

your contact 


Once the customer attends the call, the widget expands and you can see  the duration of the call at the top of the widget. 

The live timer indicates that your call is in progress. 

Call is in progress 13

#4 Receive a call 

When you receive a call, the widget opens up with the name of the  contact (if saved) and the number. 

To answer the call, click Answer. Click Ignore to decline the call. 

All declined calls will be routed according to the call flows that your  manager has set up. 

To receive calls just click the  

Answer button. 


#5 View recent tickets 

Once you answer the call, use the Recent ticket option to update yourself  with details related to the caller like the previous tickets and the queries. 

While on the call, you can  

view the list of tickets  

associated with the contact. 


#6 View missed calls 

Each missed call or a voicemail is automatically created as a new ticket  in your Freshdesk account. 

This helps you reduce the instance of missing out on calls. You can easily  return the call or respond to the voicemail once you are active to make  calls. 

Every missed call is automatically  

created as a new ticket. 


Basic Functions in  Freshcaller Widget 

The Freshcaller widget provides various options that help you have  an effective and productive on-call experience.

#1 Use basic on-call functions 

The Freshcaller widget provides basic functions and options that you can  use within your Freshdesk account, which you can use during an ongoing  call.  

The options are:  

Transfering calls to other agents or external number 

Placing the call on hold 

Muting/unmuting your microphone 

Taking call notes 

Basic functions that you can  

use while on a call 


#2 Add call notes 

Call notes help you record the summary and highlights of a call. With  notes, you can set a clear context of the call. 

You can use call notes: 

For your own reference 

As a reference for other agents when you transfer the call 

Click on this icon to add  

your notes. You can refer to  

the notes later from your  

call logs. 


#3 Transfer calls to agents/teams 

During an ongoing call, you may sometimes feel that another agent in  your team can answer your customer queries better or the customer may  want to talk to a specific agent. 

In such scenarios, you can transfer the call to any specific agent, an  entire team, supervisor, or to an external number. 

Click on this to see the list  

of available agents to  

transfer calls. 


You can initiate two types of transfer calls: 

Warm Transfer: Use this to have a quick discussion with another  agent before transferring the call. You can provide all the necessary  details and continue to stay or disconnect once the call is  


Cold Transfer: Transfers the call to another agent immediately.   Unlike warm transfer, you cannot have any brief conversation  before transferring the call. 

Click on this to initiate a  

cold transfer. 

Click on this to initiate a warm  


A warm transfer can be initiated only to individual agents within a  team. Click on the arrow next to the team name and then select  the agent. 


In addition to transferring calls, you can initiate a conference call by  adding another agent to your ongoing call. 

Add the agent on  

conference if you want to  

be part of the call too 

Or just click here to transfer the  

call to a specific agent 

Also, you can get to know if your transferred/conference call was picked  up or not. 

You can check the status of your  

transferred call from here. 


If the other agent declines or does not attend the call, you can resume  the call and try to transfer it to another agent. 

When the agent declines or  

is not attending the call, you  

can immediately resume the  


You will also be notified if no agent is online to attend the transferred  call. 

If no agent or team is online  

you’ll see this message. 


Converting your calls  to tickets 

You can now instantly convert your calls to freshdesk tickets from  within the Freshcaller widget. 

#1 Convert calls to Freshdesk tickets 

In addition to viewing the recent tickets and calls, you can also convert  your current call into a new ticket or add it to an existing ticket. 

This will come in handy for a prompt follow up and keeping a collated  record of your customer’s journey. 

Click the ‘+’ icon to convert your  

current call into a new ticket or  

add it to an existing ticket. 


#2 Create a new ticket 

You can see the new ticket created under the Recent tickets view. A green tick indicates a successful creation of a ticket. 

The current call is created as  

a new ticket. 


You can click on the newly created ticket and modify the fields based on  the caller's needs. You can do all this in real-time. 

Once you click the ticket in the widget, the ticket’s details page  opens up. 

You can also edit the contact’s details, add notes, or other ticket  details from here. 

Click the ticket in the  

widget to open the ticket’s  

detail page 

Fill in the contact’s  

details here. 


Exploring the  

Freshcaller Interface 

This section provides information about the various options you  can explore inside the Freshcaller interface.

#1 Access the Freshcaller interface 

You can access the Freshcaller interface in two ways: Using the View all option under Recent Calls 

Using the the Freshworks switcher icon 

Click View all to open  

the Call Metrics  

section inside your  

Freshcaller Interface.  

In addition, you can  

view other available  

options and features. 

Click the switcher and  

select your Freshcaller  



#2 View advanced features in Freshcaller 

The Freshcaller interface provides access to advanced features and  options that are not available within the Freshdesk widget. The options/features are: 

Agent Dashboard: Monitor your daily and monthly performance Customer: Import and add customers 

Call Metrics: View the complete list of call logs in your account Voicemail drop: Create custom voicemail messages that can  be used during outgoing calls 

Agent Dashboard 


Call Metrics 

Voicemail drop 


#3 View agent dashboard 

The agent dashboard provides visibility into the number of calls you  attended on a daily/monthly basis. Here, you can see: 

The total number of incoming/outgoing calls made to your number Number of incoming/outgoing missed calls 

Number of incoming/outgoing transferred calls 

Number of incoming/outgoing answered calls 

Click on the home  


Click on the drop-down  

to switch to monthly  


Check your daily/ 

monthly performance. 

See details such as  

customer name, call  

recording, and call  


Use this as a self-evaluation tool and keep a tab on your performance. 31

#4 View call metrics 

Each call you attend provides multiple opportunities to understand and  improve your business. It can be a potential lead to upsell, or may help  you understand the most pressing issue in your product.  

Freshcaller call logs help you get all this from a single screen. 

Click to view details of  

child calls (transferred  

or callback) 

Call type:  

incoming, outgoing,  

Call recording 

missed or voicemail Indicate that the call has  associated call notes,  

voicemail transcripts,  

or third-party  

integration details 


Tap anywhere on the call metrics table to open the call details section.  Here you can see: 

Basic call details: Caller’s name, call type (inbound or outbound),  call timestamp, agent’s name, and the call timestamp 

Call Summary: Gives you the complete summary of a call  record  

App integrations: Details about the integrated apps 

Basic call details 

Third-party app  


Detailed Call summary 


When you have a huge list of call records in your account, finding the  right data can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming.  

The filter options in the Call Metrics section lets you narrow down your  search results. For example, to see all the incoming calls on a particular  day, you can use the Time Period and Call Direction filters. 

Click on the Filter  


Select the required fields  

and click Export 


You can also select and export call metrics in CSV or Excel formats. 

Click on the Export  option 

Select the required  

fields and click Export 


#5 View/import customer  

Use this tab to save the contact details of customers. Here, you can see  the list of recently dialed or received calls in your account. 

You can also do the following: 

Create a new contact 

Bulk import the list of contacts in a CSV file 

Click on the  

customers icon.  

Hover over a  

number and click  

the edit icon to open  

the contact details.  

Though your Freshcaller and Freshdesk accounts are integrated,  you may still have to import and add your customer list to  

Freshcaller account.  

This ensures a seamless integration between both your accounts. 36

Create a New contact 

Click Add a contact to open the Add new Contact form Fill the details and save the form 

Click Add a  


Enter contact name,  

phone number, and  

email address and save  

the details.  


Import Contact List 

Click Import Contact List 

Choose and upload the csv file. You can also download the  readily available template and fill the details 

Click Import  

Contact List 

Upload the csv  

file with contact  



#6 Drop voicemail messages 

The Freshcaller interface allows you to record custom voicemail  messages and use when an outgoing call you make goes unanswered. 

Click on the  

Voicemail drop  


Fill the details  

and click on Add  



Click on New  voicemail drop  option. 

You can view and use the recorded voicemail message when you make an  outgoing call within the Freshdesk widget. 

Click here to see the list  

of recorded messages. 

Select the message from  

the list and click Send. 


Accessing Integrated  Marketplace Apps 

The Freshcaller Marketplace integrations allow you to easily access  and manage customer data available in other third-party  integrated apps. 

#1 View third-party app details 

When you dial or receive a call, the customer details are automatically  fetched from the third-party app, integrated on your Freshcaller account.  You can see the customer’s basic details in the incoming call notification. 

View customer’s basic  

details such as contact  

name, recent order/ 

ticket id from the  

integrated app. 

If the customer information is not available in the app, you will  not see any details. 


Once the call is connected, you can view detailed information about the  customer from the app within the widget. 

You can modify the customer details or create new details. When you  click on the hyperlinked options, you will be redirected to the app’s  interface where you can update the change. 

Click on the hyperlinked  

options to modify the  

details directly on the  

integrated app. 


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